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Find International, National, Business, Sport, Climate Statistics and more in your own language, and use a BI tool to analyze it.

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Statistical Data in Business Intelligence

Stat World is your ultimate source for statistical data, published with Business Intelligence and translated into many languages. Join us to get access to even more data and to be able to share and export tables, charts, graphs and maps.

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Stat World is your ultimate source for every kind of statistical data, in a Business Intelligence tool, and in multiple languages.

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Any level: International, National, and Regional. Any subject: Official, Business, Sport, Climate, and more.

Statistic Intelligence

Statistical Data + a Business Intelligence tool = Statistic Intelligence. Interact with the data: filter, pivot, drill down. Get rich data visualizations.

Translated Data

Don't speak English? Don't speak Chinese? Access the data in your own language.

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Interact with data, create your own charts, and share them with others on Twitter and Facebook. Share your opinion by commenting on statistical indicators, charts, and maps.

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Make amazing new discoveries by delving into the data.

About Us

Stat World, Inc.’s mission is to find, collect, and publish statistical data innovatively and efficiently, localizing statistics that might otherwise be made inaccessible by a language barrier, thus using information to break down borders.